Team 7AM NA Secures Spot in BTL Arch Series Finals Against MellyMadness

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Esports

X13 and Team 7AM NA went head-to-head in a closely contested best-of-three series during the BTL Arch Series Tournament, showcasing their skills on Ancient and Anubis maps.

On the first map on Ancient, Team 7AM NA emerged victorious with a 16-11 scoreline. TiCx and Mellow from Team 7AM NA were standout performers, contributing significantly with 23 and 23 kills respectively, earning high ratings of 1.42 and 1.36. They were supported by AtomiK and Izik, who had impressive KAST (percentage of rounds in which a player either had a kill, assist, survived or was traded) rates of 85.2% and 77.8% respectively.

For X13, Andrew and Drewtheshrew had notable performances with 21 kills each, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win. Gonzo also contributed well with 14 kills, 4 of which were headshots, but he had a lower rating of 0.89.

However, X13 made a stunning comeback in the second map on Anubis, winning with a decisive 16-4 scoreline. Gonzo led the charge with an impressive 23 kills, including 13 headshots, and a high rating of 1.81. Andrew and Drewtheshrew also had notable performances with 19 and 14 kills respectively. On the other hand, Team 7AM NA struggled with only Mellow reaching double digits in kills.

Unfortunately, match 3 statistics were not available, but Team 7AM NA managed to clinch a 16-13 win on Overpass, securing their spot in the finals against MellyMadness.

Looking at the overall statistics of the series, TiCx and Mellow were the top performers for Team 7AM NA, with impressive ratings of 1.42 and 1.36 respectively. They were also consistent throughout the series, with KAST rates of 74.1% and 85.2% respectively. AtomiK and Izik also played crucial roles in their team’s success, providing valuable support with their high KAST rates.

For X13, Gonzo was the standout performer with an overall rating of 1.35. Andrew and Drewtheshrew also had notable performances, each with an overall rating of 1.14. However, the team struggled to maintain their momentum in the series, especially on the first map on Ancient.

Matthew Meier, the President of BTL, expressed his excitement for the upcoming finals, saying, “We’ve seen some incredible performances from these teams in the Arch Series Tournament, and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the finals.”

LCA will be casting the finals live on BTL’s Twitch channel at, so be sure to tune in to catch all the action.