Team 7AM NA Clinch Victory in BTL Arch Series Championships Finale.

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Esports

The BTL Arch Series Championships concluded with a thrilling final match between Team 7AM NA and MellyMadness. After a closely-fought battle across two maps, Team 7AM NA emerged as the champions of the tournament.

The first map of the final match was played on Anubis, with Team 7AM NA winning by a score of 16-11. TiCx and Mellow were the standout players for Team 7AM NA, each scoring 23 kills, with TiCx earning a rating of 1.42. Andrew and Drewtheshrew were the top performers for X13, each scoring 21 kills.

The second map of the final match was played on Inferno and went to overtime, with Team 7AM NA ultimately winning by a score of 19-17. MellyMadness had a four-round lead in regulation play, but Team 7AM NA rallied to force overtime. AtomiK was once again the standout player for Team 7AM NA, scoring 32 kills and 6 assists and earning a high rating of 1.54. N20AmZ was the top performer for MellyMadness, scoring 20 kills and 2 assists in this map.

Overall, the BTL Arch Series Championships was a well-contested tournament. AtomiK was the top fragger of the finale with 60 kills, while also having the highest rating of 1.54. On the MellyMadness side, N20AmZ finished with with 50 kills to his name locking in at a 1.15 rating.

Matthew Meier, the President of BTL, expressed his satisfaction with the tournament and its conclusion, saying, “We’ve seen some incredible performances throughout the tournament, and the final between Team 7AM NA and MellyMadness was a great showcase of the skill and dedication of these teams.”

He also thanked HLTV and LCA Broadcasting for their coverage of the event, saying, “We couldn’t have done it without their support and coverage, and we’re grateful for the exposure they provided to these talented players.”

With the BTL Arch Series Championships now concluded, fans and players alike are eagerly anticipating the next big tournament in the esports calendar.