Learn from the pros.

At Between The Lines, we welcome all parents to participate on their child's lesson! When you choose Between The Lines, youth sports instruction, you're learning from a current professional who is providing the most up-to-date knowledge on the game of baseball. Many of these pros will take their knowledge that they have learned from their prestigious coaches and spread that knowledge with you. As a parent, you will be able to help make an adjustment to your athlete outside of the BTL lesson!

Long day? We will take it from here.

Between The Lines offers instruction from the comfort of your own home. No more sitting in traffic, busy facilities, wasting gas money or rushing to lessons. We provide your athlete with a high quality lesson with a high quality instructor. Sit back and relax while knowing that your athlete is in great hands!



Watch and learn. No, but really.

With your athlete having the ability to do a lesson remotely, you as a parent, can tune in anytime to watch that lesson remotely. Ever wish that you could hear or see what the coach is training during the lesson instead of a 2-minute recap of them telling you after the lesson? We have you covered. From your device, you will be able to see everything that both the athlete and instructor are doing. This means that you will be able to learn the philosophy of a professional just as if you were inside the cage with them.

Role models. our instructors lead by example.

Our instructors have earned their right be called professionals due to the sacrifices, hard work, dedication and leadership that they have showed in and outside the game. Many of our instructors have developed these positive traits through working with their mentors, and now they can share what they've learned with your athlete! Every baseball / softball players dream at some point is to one day play this game for living. What better role model to push your athlete than someone who is currently living that dream! 


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We teach it all and give you the freedom to choose.

With Between The Lines, you will never be limited to one instructor no matter the position. We offer multiple instructors for different types of instruction (i.e hitting, catching, pitching, etc) for your athlete. Every instructor with Between The Lines will have their bio listed under their respective pages. Never again be obligated to choose an instructor based on availability or lack of instructors. Register with one of our professionals today!





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