BTL Offensive Athlete of the Week - Jacob Robinson

The Between The Lines Offensive Athlete of the Week goes to Jacob Robinson. By no surprise, Jacob had an outstanding week at the dish. In 3 games, Jacob batted .500 with an OBP of .625 while recording 4 RBI’s, 5 runs scored and 5 SB’s.

“Jacob is one the silent leaders on the field. He is able to put confidence in other players and coaches around him without saying a word. Jacob is one of the hardest working players in the league and his passion and dedication for the sport stands out within his level of play. The ceiling for Jacob is extremely high with the skills and maturity that he brings at such a young age. I always say that the game will pay you back for the work you put in and I believe that stands true with Jacob.” - Matthew Meier, STL Rebels, Head Coach

Jacob has been training with BTL for a little over 7 months with Washington Nationals, Colton Pogue. Colton has brought out many of the great things within Jacobs swing in the early 2019 season. Outside of mechanics, Colton and Jacob have developed a special bond and Colton even describes Jacob has his “prodigy”.

“Jacob is one of my top clients. He understands the swing and what we’re trying to accomplish with it. We’re able to focus on drills that advanced athletes are doing at the highest level. I always look forward to working with Jacob because it seems that we make some type of progress after every lesson. He soaks up the information like a sponge and is always engaged in conversation and his consistency shows that he wants to compete and get better day in and day out.” - Colton Pogue, Washington Nationals, BTL Instructor

Jacob does everything at a very high level. He hits in the middle of the order, provides superb defense and is one of the top pitchers for the STL Rebels. He is arguably one of the top players in the state. To follow Jacob and the STL Rebels, you can visit their GameChanger or you can visit Jacob’s BTL Profile by clicking HERE.

Congratulations to Jacob, his friends, family and teammates.

BTL Team