Melly Madness Outplays REIGN to Secure Their Spot in the BTL Arch Series Championship: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Three Maps Played

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Esports

Melly Madness and REIGN went head-to-head in the BTL Arch Series Tournament, with both teams showcasing their skills on three different maps. Despite REIGN winning the first map, Melly Madness was able to come back and win the next two maps, securing their place in the finals. Let’s take a closer look at the statistics of each game.

Map 1: Overpass

REIGN took control of the first map, winning 16-9 on Overpass. jchancE was the standout player of the game, with an impressive 23 kills, including 11 headshots, and six assists. xaler and CoJoMo also had solid performances, with 19 and 23 kills respectively. On the other hand, Melly Madness struggled to keep up, with N20AmZ being the only player to reach the 20-kill mark. Despite the loss, N20AmZ had a decent showing, with 8 of his kills being headshots.

Map 2: Mirage

Melly Madness bounced back on Mirage, winning 16-11 against REIGN. N20AmZ continued his solid performance, securing 30 kills, including 8 headshots, and 4 assists. Weeza and Bigantt also stepped up for Melly Madness, with 24 and 21 kills respectively. For REIGN, jchancE once again had a great showing, with 23 kills, including 14 headshots, and 6 assists. However, his teammates couldn’t match his level of play, with Gabe being the only other player to reach the 20-kill mark.

Map 3: Inferno

Melly Madness sealed the deal on Inferno, winning 16-10 against REIGN. JCasper led the charge for Melly Madness, with 19 kills, including 9 headshots, and 8 assists. Weeza and Bigantt continued their solid performances from the previous map, with 19 and 22 kills respectively. On the other hand, CoJoMo had an outstanding game for REIGN, securing 28 kills, including 6 headshots, and 6 assists. However, his efforts were not enough to push his team to victory.

Matthew Meier, the President of BTL and host of the Arch Series Tournament, had this to say about the match: “It was great to see two talented teams go head-to-head and showcase their skills. Congratulations to Melly Madness for their victory, and we look forward to seeing them compete in the finals.”

LCA did an outstanding job casting the match on the official BTL Twitch channel,, and we can’t wait to see their coverage of the finals.