Showcase your skill

The BTL Golf Showcase platform makes your athlete marketable to every collegiate golf program across the globe. Our technology allows for collegiate coaches to remote into our live stream from any location to evaluate our showcase attendees using swing and simulator technology.

How we help your golf athlete showcase their talents

Maximize Collegiate Exposure

Averaging over 35 schools per event, the BTL showcase platform provides golf athletes with the best opportunities to showcase their ability to collegiate golf programs all over the globe.

Results YOU Can Count On

With BTL Golf Showcases, our golf athletes can have confidence in knowing that their data is accurate and unbiased.

Reach Your Showcase Potential

BTL Golf Showcases are more than your normal showcase. Not only do we record our athletes’ swing metrics, but we also break them down so our athletes have a full understanding of what they need to improve on.

Showcase Features

Live Stream Metric Accessibility

BTL Golf Showcases are live-streamed which allows collegiate coaches to remote in live from anywhere in the world with access to player video and metrics.

Metric Based Rankings

Our BTL Golf Rankings are based on athlete metric performance at our showcases. Human bias does not play a role in our rankings. Our ranking system forces player development.

BTL Showcase Expert

Following a BTL Golf Showcase, our team schedules meetings with each showcase attendee to help them understand their swing metrics that were recorded at our event. These metrics are entered into our proprietary algorithm which provides them a path to player success.

Let us help you on your path

Not sure where to start? Contact us to find out more about what BTL offers and how we can help your athlete get started with tournaments, showcases, and recruiting.