From Upsets to Rematches: Championship Sunday at the BTL CSGO Arch Series Features Thrilling Matches and Top Talent

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Esports

The BTL CSGO Arch Series Championships, hosted by LocalHost in Brentwood, Missouri, is coming to its final day, and it has been an extremely fun and successful event so far. Eleven teams from all over the country registered and traveled to compete against each other for a prize pool of $2000, and the event has been covered by HLTV.

Being covered by HLTV is a significant achievement for any esports event. HLTV is the go-to source for the latest news, statistics, and results in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) community. Having an event covered by HLTV means that the event has gained significant recognition and exposure among the CSGO community worldwide.

LocalHost and Lights Camera Action (LCA) have done an amazing job on the operations side of the event, keeping the servers up and running and providing the opportunity for fans to watch the action. Andre, with Localhost, is a big reason why this event was able to happen, and his preparation and dedication to the event should be praised. James Madden and BignTallMatt also provided their knowledge and assistance, allowing the event to be offered to all fans and viewers.

On the previous day, the event witnessed some intense matches, with six teams remaining in the tournament. MellyMadness and 7AM have solidified their spots after dominating performances, while X13, REIGN, Davenport University, and Cyberstorm will fight for the remaining two spots.

Team 7 AM has been on a roll in the BTL CSGO Arch Series Championships, with a dominating performance on the previous day. They first took down REIGN in a hard-fought best-of-three series, winning 2-1. Their success continued with a clean sweep of Davenport University, winning 2-0 in an upset fashion. These victories have solidified their spot in the playoffs and have cemented them as a team to watch. Led by a strong lineup and skilled players, Team 7 AM has demonstrated that they have what it takes to go all the way in this tournament. Fans can expect to see more great performances from them in the upcoming matches.

One of the most highly anticipated matches on the final day of the BTL CSGO Arch Series Championships is the winner-takes-all match between REIGN and Davenport University. This match holds extra significance as NA standout CoJoMo is now competing for REIGN and will face off against his former team. It will be a thrilling showdown as both teams have fought hard to make it to this point and have everything to play for. Fans can expect a highly competitive and emotional match, with both teams determined to come out on top.

X13, who won their ESEA Match and will be competing in the Advanced Finals, will face off against CyberStorm. In light of their previous victory over X13, CyberStorm is confident going into this highly anticipated rematch. They have been the talk of the tournament, with their impressive performances and promising future under the leadership of Coach Aureo. However, they must win to stay alive in the tournament after losing to MellyMadness, which only adds to the pressure and intensity of the upcoming match. On the other hand, X13 aims to get revenge and secure their spot in the playoffs, and they will undoubtedly put up a strong fight. Fans can expect another nail-biting showdown between these two talented teams, with everything on the line.

The playoffs will feature four teams: Team 7 AM, MellyMadness, and the two winners from the remaining matches. Fans can tune into to catch all the action, covered by BignTallMatt and the LCA group.

“It’s been amazing to see the level of competition and sportsmanship displayed by all 11 teams that competed in this tournament,” said Matt Meier, President of Between The Lines. “They’ve truly embodied the #SAVENACS movement by taking action and showing that esports is more than just words.”

The BTL CSGO Arch Series Championships have provided an opportunity for teams from all over the country to compete and showcase their skills. The event has been a great success and has contributed to the #SAVENACS movement by taking action and offering an exciting esports event for fans and viewers alike.