Cyberstorm Dominates A’mi’s Italian Restaurant in CSGO Arch Series Tournament

by | Mar 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

Brentwood, Missouri – Cyberstorm emerged victorious in dominating fashion against A’mi’s Italian Restaurant in the second best-of-3 matchup of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Arch Series Tournament.

On the first map, De_Ancient, Cyberstorm completely shut out A’mi’s Italian Restaurant, winning the map 16-0. Xoy, Mason, and Skullz put in impressive performances, with each player finishing with over 15 kills and combining for a total of 11 assists. Despite managing to get 5 bomb plants on T-side, A’mi’s Italian Restaurant was unable to convert them into any rounds, and P-flurp led the team with 11 kills.

The second map on Anubis started more promisingly for A’mi’s Italian Restaurant, with Cyberstorm losing the first four rounds. However, Cyberstorm managed to stop the bleeding and went on a 10-1 run to finish the half 10-5. Cyberstorm eventually took the map 16-7, with Mason and Skullz combining for 46 kills and 14 assists.

Cyberstorm will take on X13 tomorrow at 9 AM, while A’mi’s Italian Restaurant will play their next match at 3 PM CST to determine whether they will continue in the tournament or go home. Despite the loss, A’mi’s Italian Restaurant brought energy and positivity to the Localhost facility and were a crowd favorite.

Navy, one of the players from Cyberstorm, reflected on their first match of the tournament, stating, “Our first match was super fun. This was our first LAN experience, and it was the perfect introduction. We won very convincingly, but the other team made it fun with lots of friendly banter. The revolvers, zeuses, and knives were pulled out.”

As the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Arch Series Tournament continues, fans can look forward to more thrilling matches and outstanding performances from the best teams in the game.