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Sam Tidaback


  Colorado Rockies


"always promote positivity, self-confidence, and just being you"

Kyle McPherson


San Franciso Giants


"Have confidence and dont compare yourself to other players. Worry about what you can do."

Zach Jemiola


  Colorado Rockies



"Live in the moment and enjoy your time playing ball"

Pat McGuff


 Minnesota Twins


“Always be aggressive.. always be in the zone.. never be afraid of anyone who steps in that box”

Bryce Denton


  St. Louis Cardinals


“Be the best you can be and the rest will take care of itself”

Tyler James


  Kansas City Royals



“There will be days when your legs are heavy, your body’s tired... but you just got push through it”

Josh Polacios


  Toronto Blue Jays




“What really separates a guy is the focus and purpose that he puts into every single repetition”                

Garrett McCain


  Detroit Tigers


“Be intentful in everything you do on and off the field”

Dillon Overton


  San Diego Padres



“The day baseball becomes a job instead of just having fun playing it, that’ll be the day that I quit”

Ryan Lillie


  Miami Marlins


“Be coachable, always listen, respect your teammates and all will be good”

Brett Baldwin


  Colorado Rockies


Want to know what scouts look for? LISTEN UP!

Nathan Orf


 Milwaukee Brewers


“Maximize your Potential no matter if it’s ground balls, nutrition, sleep, strength and conditioning”

Steven Pollakov


  Boston Redsox


“As Catchers, during the game your main priority is to [...]"