Boomer Carrying Service Triumphs in Nail-Biting Matchup at Counter-Strike Global Offensive Arch Series Tournament

by | Mar 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

Brentwood, Missouri – The Counter-Strike Global Offensive Arch Series Tournament got underway on Friday night with two thrilling matchups in a b03 format. The first match-up saw UltimateDarklordWizards take on Boomer Carrying Service, with the latter team ultimately emerging victorious in a hard-fought 2-1 series win.

On the first map, Vertigo, UltimateDarklordWizards took the lead with a score of 16-11, thanks in part to an outstanding performance from Enfohip, who racked up an impressive 25 kills and 4 assists. jR-NASTY also put in a strong showing with 27 kills, while skopaN finished with 20 frags. Calamity collected 25 kills for his team, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to bring UltimateDarklordWizards to victory.

The second map, De_Overpass, was a nail-biter that went into overtime, with Boomer Carrying Service ultimately triumphing 19-17. Nearly all players on both teams had over 20 kills, but skorpaN and Ciandor stood out with 33 and 31 kills, respectively. Notably, Ciandor will be attending Lindenwood University in the fall of 2023 to pursue CSGO at the collegiate level.

With the series tied at 1-1 heading into the last map, the teams battled it out on De_Inferno, with Boomer Carrying Service sealing the victory and allowing them to move on to face the #1 seed in the tournament, Davenport University. The game finished 16-8, with Ciandor once again finishing at the top of the scoreboard with 22 kills and 6 assists. SkorpaN had another strong finish for UltimateDarklordWizards, finishing the game with 22 kills as well.

Jadenn, a player for Boomer Carrying Service, reflected on the team’s performance, saying that they started out strong on the first map but became careless, allowing UltimateDarklordWizards to capture the first map. He also had a lot of good things to say about his teammates Ciandor and Deast, who had monster games on the second map.

In exciting news, the tournament has been picked up for coverage by HLTV and all matches will be streamed live at Fans and family are encouraged to tune in for tomorrow’s action, where UltimateDarklordWizards will take on the loser of Reign and 7AM in what promises to be a tough matchup. Meanwhile, Boomer Carrying Service will look to continue their winning streak against Davenport University, the top seed in the tournament.

As the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Arch Series Tournament heats up in Brentwood, Missouri, fans can look forward to more thrilling matches and outstanding performances from the best teams in the game.