Pitching Instruction

One-on-one online baseball training with professional, major-league affiliated players, all from the comfort of your home.

See drastic improvements in your first pitching lesson

Think like a Professional Pitcher

Watch your athlete’s pitching IQ excel as they begin to outsmart their opponents by properly mixing their pitch speeds and locations.

Train like a Professional Pitcher

Your athlete will train using the same drills and tools that the top professional pitchers to help stay healthy and gain velocity.

Compete like a Professional Pitcher

Elevate your game and boost your confidence by becoming one of the best pitchers on your team.

How we get you the best results:

Professional Instructors from Major League Organizations

All of the BTL pitching instructors are currently playing professional baseball within a Major League organization. Professional pitchers train with the best pitching coaches in the world and share that same training with our BTL clients.

BTL Video Platform

The BTL platform allows BTL athletes to receive a live, one-on-one 30 minute lesson with a current professional baseball pitcher that has access to multiple camera views, slow-motion video playback, drawing tools, side-by-side comparison, etc.

Pitch Sensor Technology

BTL believes in results. BTL subscribers are equipped with our pitch sensor technology that provides both the athlete and the instructor real-time metrics after each pitch.

Get in the game

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