HangTuf Softball Scout Day Recap

BTL headed up to Lansing, Michigan to team up with HangTuf Softball to host a showcase for their athletes. Below is a look at some of the top performers from the event.

Olivia Black

C, 1B / Eagle, Michigan / 2023 / Uncommitted

Powerful and projectible frame. 3.53 second 20-yard dash run. RH, 51 MPH infield velocity and 53 MPH outfield velocity, showing off a loose arm that comes over the top on the throw. Quick footwork and good ability to get around the ball to better set up a strong throw in the field. 49 MPH catching velocity, quick glove-to-hand transfer and an ability to make a strong and accurate throw down. Showcased solid work with the glove and good blocking technique behind the plate. RH, 62 MPH exit velocity off of the tee. Open stance with little movement before the swing, toe tap prior to a short and quick stride, slight upward angle in her bat path throughout contact. Hard hit line drive to the opposite side during live competition.

Aliya McFadden

2B, SS / Holt, Michigan / 2023 / Uncommitted

Solid athletic build with good balance of power and speed. 3.21 second run on the 20-yard dash, quick feet movement and good ability to gain ground fast. RH, 5o MPH infield velocity and 51 MPH outfield velocity, ¾ arm slot on her quick throws. Consistently attacked the ball at a good angle and had a clean and quick transition into her throw. RH, 64 MPH exit velocity off of the tee. Slight crouch in her stance with her front knee pointing inward and some rhythm in her hands. Get into her legs well to generate maximum power through her swing.

Kelsey Speer

RHP, SS / Albion, Michigan / 2023 / Uncommitted

Smaller build but still contains a good deal of athleticism. 3.25 second 20-yard dash run. RH, 58 MPH infield velocity and 53 MPH outfield velocity, over-the-top arm angle with a lot of pull down during the throw. RH, 58 MPH exit velocity off the tee. Tall, open stance with a very quick stride during the swing. Drives her hands through the ball and does a good job of holding her finish. 53 MPH – 758 RPM FB, 33 MPH – 510 RPM CH, 44 MPH – 574 RPM drop ball, 50 MPH – 969 RPM screwball. Mixed up her four-pitch arsenal effectively and worked ahead in the count against live hitting.

Zoie Tupper

2B, C / Alma, Michigan / 2024 / Uncommitted

Powerful and compact frame. 3.54 second 20-yard dash run. LH, 47 MPH infield velocity, over-the-top motion with some slight whip during the throw. Aggressive towards the ball in the field, smooth and quick transfer to her throwing position  to allow for a more accurate throw. 44 MPH catching velocity. Solid, accurate throws consistently to the second base side. Solid overall job on her blocking and catching ability/ 69 MPH exit velocity off of the tee. Upward, open stance prior to an almost stomp-like stride, building up power in her back hip before driving her hands quickly through the ball. Handled a tough offspeed pitch with a backside linedrive during live competition.

Lola Knox

1B, RHP / Holt, Michigan / 2025/ Uncommitted

Powerful frame. 3.59 20-yard dash run. RH, 47 MPH infield velocity and 48 MPH outfield velocity. ¾ arm slot and made good use of her momentum to make a strong and accurate throw. Does a good job of getting around the ball and is quick to transition into her throwing position. Solid athleticism at first base and was able to make some tough catches on a few errant throws. RH, 61 MPH exit velocity. Upright stance with some inward turn on her front foot. Slower stride that comes back first to build up some force prior to an aggressive swing. 53 MPH – 807 RPM FB, 34 MPH – 727 RPM CH, 51 MPH – 982 RPM screwball, 46 MPH – 917 RPM rise ball. Showed confidence in all of her pitches and mixed them up well against live hitting. 2 strikeouts against 5 batters.

Sadie Laubenthal

SS, 3B, OF / Holt, Michigan / 2025/ Uncommitted

Solid, athletic frame. 3.4 second 20-yard dash run. RH, 52 MPH infield velocity, 54 MPH outfield velocity. Over-the-top angle with good arm action. Fields the ball in the best spots in her glove possible in order to make for a smoother transition from glove-to-hand, also allowing for better throws. RH, 57 MPH exit velocity off the tee. Crouched stance with her hands tight to her body. Unique load in which she torques her back hip before taking a large stride and quickly drives her hands through the ball. Multiple solid pieces of hitting against live pitching.

Shannon Christener

SS, 3B / Springport, Michigan / 2028 / Uncommitted

Smaller build but still plenty of time to continue growing given her class.  3.37 second 20-yard dash time. RH, 49 MPH infield velocity. Over-the-top and very loose arm on the throw. Solid athleticism and good footwork in the field with consistently accurate throws. RH, 56 MPH exit velocity off of the tee. Put together some good ABs against live pitching despite the age gap. Hard hit ball with a good launch angle to the left-center gap against an upperclassman arm.