Halton Badgers Baseball Club Partners with Between The Lines to Provide Innovative Player Development and Recruiting Services

by | May 2, 2023 | Recruiting

Saint Louis, Missouri, May 1st, 2023, The Halton Badgers Baseball Club has announced a strategic partnership with Between The Lines (BTL), a leading player development and recruiting organization. The partnership will see BTL oversee both the recruiting operations for the Halton Badgers and manage and track all of the youth athlete’s development.

“Our goal is to provide each of our players with structured baseball development, an exceptional training experience, and an opportunity to participate in the most competitive travel baseball tournaments in North America,” says Chris Fulton, co-owner of the Halton Badgers. “Partnering with BTL will help us achieve that goal by providing innovative player development and data-driven recruiting services.”

According to BTL President, Matthew Meier, “We believe that every young athlete has the potential to excel in baseball, and our job is to help them reach their full potential. By partnering with the Halton Badgers, we can provide their athletes with the tools they need to develop their skills and achieve their goals.”

The partnership will allow BTL to oversee the recruiting operations for the Halton Badgers and manage and track all of the youth athlete’s development to ensure that they meet the standards of high-level collegiate baseball players. “Our algorithmic evaluation and metric tracking services will give Halton Badgers players a competitive edge in the college recruiting process,” says BTL Recruiting Coordinator, Adam Voorhees. “By helping athletes understand their strengths and weaknesses and targeting the appropriate colleges for their skill level, we can help them achieve their goals of playing at the collegiate level.”

The Halton Badgers Baseball Club attracts athletes with a passion and talent for baseball who want to challenge themselves in a competitive, structured, and developmental environment. “Our development goes beyond developing baseball players,” says Tim Deacon, co-owner of the Halton Badgers. “We want to build and develop young children to become valued future assets in their communities. With BTL’s player development services, we can help our athletes develop not only as baseball players but also as leaders and community members.”

BTL has had a lot of success placing many Canadian athletes over the past few years since they partnered with the Fergie Jenkins Showcase League. “BTL has been a valuable partner to our league, helping many Canadian athletes secure scholarships to play at the next level,” says Fergie Jenkins Showcase League President, John Azzoli. “We are excited to see their partnership with the Halton Badgers and look forward to seeing the impact they will have on the development of these young athletes.”

The Halton Badgers program gives the kids a break for the months of October through December, reconvening to full programming in January through April with Winter Training (some teams may participate in Fall Ball, at coaches discretion). “Our showcase events are designed to provide athletes with a platform to showcase their skills in front of college coaches and scouts,” says BTL Showcase Director, Zach Yakich. “With our metric tracking and video highlights, we can ensure that these athletes are putting their best foot forward and maximizing their exposure to college programs.”

In summary, the partnership between the Halton Badgers Baseball Club and BTL will provide athletes with the necessary tools to reach their highest potential in baseball and help them achieve their goals of playing at the collegiate level. By providing innovative player development and data-driven recruiting services, the partnership is well-positioned to help the Halton Badgers program continue to thrive and produce successful players both on and off the field.

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