Jax Arcuri – Jamestown CC

by | Apr 6, 2023

Jax Arcuri is a talented high school baseball player from ESC Saint-Jean-De-Brébeuf High School in Ontario, Canada. Jax is set to graduate in 2023 and has committed to playing at Jamestown Community College. He has a strong academic background, with a 3.8 GPA, and is interested in pursuing a career in sports broadcasting or journalism.

As a catcher, Jax has impressive physical attributes, standing at 5’9ft and weighing 167lbs. He has a pop time of 2.03 and a catching velocity of 76mph, which are indicators of his strong defensive skills behind the plate. Jax’s exit velocity of 84mph and his 7.5 60 yard dash time highlight his ability to make solid contact at the plate and run the bases effectively.

Jax’s rotational acceleration score of 25.4 is also noteworthy, as it showcases his ability to effectively use his lower half and generate power through his swing. This skill likely contributes to his impressive slash line of .456/.566/.526 from last year.

Overall, Jax Arcuri is a well-rounded player with strong potential in both his athletic and academic pursuits. His commitment to playing at Jamestown Community College will undoubtedly help him develop his skills further, and his interest in sports broadcasting or journalism indicates a passion for the game beyond just playing it.

Checkout his highlights here.