BTL Preseason Select Showcase Recap (02/23/22)

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Showcase Coverage

BTL teamed up with Complete Game Baseball out of Quincy, Illinois to host a showcase for their high school level athletes. Below is a look at some of the top performers from the event.

Alec Hymes

OF, RHP / Nauvoo, IL / 2023 / Uncommitted

Coming in at 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, Alec Hymes stood out from the start, remaining a notable prospect as the event went on. Despite his larger frame, Hymes still moved well on his 30-yard dash, crossing the laser at 4.11 seconds. In the field, Hymes showed off a solid arm that ran up to 80 mph on his throwing velocity. Off the tee, Hymes topped out at 89 mph, tying him for second best at the event. He starts his stance with his feet close together and his hands pretty tight to the body at shoulder height, toe tapping his front foot back during his load before executing the swing. On the mound, Hymes showed off a three pitch arsenal consisting of a 76-78 mph fastball, a 66 mph curveball, and a 73 mph splitter.

Brady Kindhart

3B, RHP / Payson, IL / 2023 / Uncommitted

With a lean 6-foot-1, 185 pound frame, Brady Kindhart was able to merge strength and athleticism to make for a very good showing at the event. Taking reps in both the infield and the outfield, Kindhart’s movements were crisp and he also showed off a strong arm, his throwing velocities from both the infield and outfield topping out at 83 mph. His exit velocity was also impressive, his 89 mph velo good for a second place tie at the event. His stance is very upright, his feet starting close together and his hands quickly rocking around his ear before taking a long stride and getting into his legs during his swing. Kindhart’s strong arm translated onto the mound, as his 84 mph fastball was one of the fastest at the event, pairing it alongside a 70 mph curveball and a 76 mph changeup.

Jack Linenfelser

SS / Quincy, IL / 2023 / Uncommitted

Possessing a great deal of strength in his compact 5-foot-10, 185 pound build, Jack Linenfelser was able to show off plenty of power during his showcase outing. In both the infield and outfield, Linenfelser clocked throwing velocities of 82 mph and 84 mph in their respective infield and outfield categories, both numbers landing him in the top five best at the event. Linenfelser continued to display his power with the bat in his hands, his 88 mph exit velocity also finding a spot in the top five best for the showcase. Linenfelser’s stance is pretty compact, keeping his hands close to his body and his feet not far from each other, spreading out more as he takes a large stride and violently takes a cut at the ball.

Jake Schisler

UTL, RHP / Quincy, IL / 2023 / Uncommitted

Getting in reps on both sides of the ball, Jake Schisler put together a very solid overall showing for himself. Making throws from both the infield and outfield, Shisler topped out at 79 mph in both categories. Off the tee, Shisler hit a max exit velocity of 85 mph, displaying a violent swing with a large stride and very quick hands, his Blast Motion bat speed and hand speed coming in at 70.06 and 19.42 respectively. On the mound is where Schisler began to truly begin to stand out, showing off a very solid three pitch arsenal. His fastball sat 80-81 mph while topping out at 82 mph and 2199 rpm. His two offspeed pitches consisted of a 69 mph, 2362 rpm curveball and a 72 mph, 2065 rpm changeup, using these two pitches effectively to go with his fastball.

PJ Schmidt

RHP / Shelbina, MO / 2023 / Uncommitted

At a lean 6-foot, 170 pounds, PJ Schmidt stood out as one of the top pitchers at the showcase. The righty’s fastball sat at 79-81 mph, topping out at 83 mph and 1863 rpm. His breaking ball got up to 73 mph and 1931 rpm, while his splitter got up to 67 mph and 818 rpm. During his delivery, Schmidt showed off some good arm action in  a near sidearm motion. Going up against live hitters, Schmidt was able to mix up all three of his pitches to attack hitters, showing confidence in both of his offspeed pitches in order to get hitters out.

Michael Stupavsky

C / Quincy, IL / 2023 / Uncommitted

One of the top catchers at the showcase, Michael Stupavsky had a solid overall performance at the showcase. He started his day off with a 4.06 second 30-yard dash, moving well considering his position. Behind the plate, Stupavsky displayed a pair of soft hands and the ability to move quickly on the block, as well as a very solid arm on the throw down, his catching velocity topping out at 73 mph. For his exit velocity, Stupavsky got up to 85 mph at his max. During his stance, the righty has a bit of bend in the knees but still stays tall in his upper body, taking a long stride prior to whipping the bat through the zone.

Tyler Dance

RHP / Quincy, IL / 2023 / Uncommitted

Standing in at 6-foot-one, 195 pounds, Tyler Dance was hard to miss on the mound. Dance’s fastball consistently sat around 80-84 mph, hit top getting up to 88 mph at one point, the fastest at the event. To go alongside his fastball, Dance displayed a 70 mph, 2115 rpm curveball with a lot of movement, and a 71 mph, 1601 rpm changeup. On the mound, Dance did a good job of using his whole body during the delivery, allowing him to optimize the force behind all three of his pitches. Against live hitters, Dance was able to attack the zone once he got settled in, giving him the ability to go to his offspeed pitches to get his outs.

Grayson Conkright

3B, RHP / Warsaw, IL / 2025 / Uncommitted

At 6-foot-1, 195 pounds as a freshman in high school, Grayson Conkright shows a lot of potential on top of the skill he already possesses. Conkright showed off a strong arm in both the infield and outfield, running his infield velocity up to 83 mph and his outfield velocity up to 86 mph. That strength isn’t just limited to his arm, however, as he was also able to hit 89 mph on his exit velocity, tied for second best at the event. He keeps his body tight in his upright stance, keeping his feet close together and his hands close to the body level with chest, taking a long stride before taking a very violent swing. Conkright got some reps in on the mound as well, his arm strength in the field translating on the mound. His fastball sat at 79-81 mph and topped out at 82 mph and 1964 rpm. Conkright showed off two solid offspeed pitches as well, his breaking ball getting up to 76 mph and 1830 rpm and his changeup getting up to 78 mph and 1336 rpm, making for a very solid trio of pitches.

Tykell Hammers

UTL / Quincy, IL / 2025 / Uncommitted

Despite not even having entered high school yet, Tykell Hammers not only fit in with his peers, but stood out amongst them. He stands at 6-foot, 180 pounds, his frame containing a great deal of power that Hammers put on display throughout the entire event. In the outfield, Hammers’ throwing velocity got up to 84 mph, good for a third place tie at the event. Off the tee and during BP, Hammers’ exit velocity got up to 90 mph, the best exit velo at the showcase. His stance begins with his knees facing towards each other and some rhythm in his hands, taking a long but quick stride forward before taking a vicious swing. Already making an impact with still years to go in his playing career, Hammers has a lot of potential to continue tapping into.