BTL President’s Day Showcase Recap (Baseball)

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Showcase Coverage

BTL held their first Missouri baseball showcase this year at the Tri-County Sports Center in Moscow Mills, MO, hosting 39 athletes ranging from classes 2022-2026. Below is a look at some of the performers that stood out the most at the showcase.

Jacob Robinson

SS, RHP / O’Fallon, MO / Liberty High School / 2025 / Uncommitted

Watching Robinson perform, it’s apparent that he possesses a natural athleticism that positively impacts all aspects of his game. He glided through his 30-yard dash to start his day off right, his 3.87 second time the fourth best overall and the best for 2025’s. Robinson was aggressive towards the ball in the field, not allowing it to get too deep and giving himself time to make an accurate and strong throw to first base, 78 mph his top for infield velocity. Robinson then went on to hit a top exit velocity of 88 mph, tied for fifth best overall and the best for his class, before proceeding to have a very solid round of BP that saw a multitude of hard line drives throughout. His stance is almost best described as an effortless one, some slight bend in the knees and a bit of gyration in the hands making up his rather simple setup. The swing is very fluid and especially strong considering his 5’11, 150 pound build, his hands getting to the ball quick and maintaining his barrel all the way through the zone. On the mound, Robinson sat 75-77 mph on his fastball, pairing it alongside a 63 mph breaking ball with a spin rate of 1834 rpm. He pounded the zone against all five hitters he faced during live, showcasing a good deal of command over both pitches.

Brenan Goering

3B, RHP / St. Charles, MO / Saint Charles West / 2025 / Uncommitted

Carrying his 5-foot-10, 175 pound frame well, Goering would have been hard not to notice. Despite his larger build, Goering still flew through his 30-yard dash, his time clocking in at a 3.88. Goering showed off a very strong arm in both the infield and the outfield, recording an 83 mph infield velocity, the best overall at the event, and an 81 mph outfield velocity, tied for third best overall. Off the tee, Goering maxed out at an 87 mph exit velocity, then headed into what would be a loud round of BP consisting of several hard hit balls up the middle. Goering’s tall and open stance remains that way through the swing, his strong wrists and fast hands making for a vicious swing with plenty of conviction. Throwing against live hitters, Goering’s fastball sat at 78-81 mph, his max getting up to 81 mph, the best at the showcase. Alongside his fastball is a 65 mph curveball with a spin rate of 1955 rpm, making for a dangerous pair of pitches. Goering stayed around the zone and mixed his pitches well, showing a lot of confidence in himself to throw his curveball for a strike, which he did often.

Braden Ray

1B, LHP / St. Charles, MO / Francis Howell / 2025 / Uncommitted

Ray held things down defensively at first base, using his solid athletic ability and range to make tough plays on some hard, off-target throws. After hitting 80 mph off the tee for his exit velocity, Ray headed over to take BP, and although it took  him a few pitches to really get going, he was able to find the barrel and finish off strong with some hard hit line drives. Ray’s stance sees him standing tall and open, his stride going towards the plate to close off before bringing his bat through the zone. Though his performance up to this point had been solid, his appearance on the mound is what really made Ray stand out. Ray showed off a three pitch arsenal that consisted of a 79 mph fastball, 65 mph curveball, and 68 mph changeup, all of which he used to his advantage against live hitting. After his outing on the mound against live hitters, Ray found himself striking out four of the five batters he faced, a very good outing for the lefty.

Blake Donaldson

LHP / O’Fallon, MO / Fort Zumwalt North / 2022 / Uncommitted

The 6-foot-2, 170 pound lefty showcased some great action in his arm, whipping it across his body as he gains plenty of ground towards the plate. Donaldson’s three pitch arsenal was one of the best at the event, all three of his pitches being put to good use. His fastball sat at 77-79 mph, his top being 79 mph, with a spin rate of 1362 rpm, proving to be a very firm pitch. His offspeed pitches consisted of a 66 mph, 2064 rpm curveball and a 69 mph, 1626 rpm changeup, both pitches working well with his fastball. Throwing live off the mound, Donaldson mixed up his pitches well and showed confidence in his offspeed pitches early in the at-bat. Donaldson worked ahead in the count early, leading him to strike out four of ten batters faced, the other ABs mostly resulting in weak contact.

Austin Reiter

RF / Moscow Mills, MO / Fort Zumwalt North / 2022 / Committed (Shawnee Community College)

Coming in at 6-foot-5, 190 pounds, Reiter was a tough prospect to miss. In the outfield, Reiter moved efficiently in the outfield, his wiry body allowing him to make up ground easily. He also showed off a particularly strong arm, his 84 mph throwing velocity the best at the event. Reiter was impressive with the bat in his hands as well, hitting 90 mph on his exit velocity, the third best at the event, and posting some impressive Blast Motion numbers that include a 69.4 hand speed and a 0.14 time-to-contact among others. His BP round was very line drive heavy, consistently barreling up the ball for hard contact. He stands tall and open in his stance, a long stride forward closing it up and driving his hands quickly through the zone. Reiter found himself with several hard line drives against live pitching, putting on one of the best live hitting performances at the event.

Trevor Lovall

OF / Wentzville, MO / Holt High School / 2023 / Uncommitted

Lovall made plays in both the infield and the outfield, his infield velocity hitting 76 mph and his outfield velocity hitting 81 mph. Where Lovall stood out the most, however, was in the batter’s box, his hitting numbers some of the best all around at the showcase. His 95 mph exit, 73 bat speed, and 23.2 hand speed all the best in their respective categories. He had a solid overall BP round, ending with plenty of line drives sent up the middle. His stance is very straight-up, standing tall with his feet relatively close and his hands up above his ear, crouching down and getting into his legs during the swing itself. During live, Lovall shot a line drive into left field at 91 mph, the hardest hit ball at the showcase during live.

Wyatt Miller

3B, C, RHP / Saint Peters, MO / Francis Howell Central / 2023 / Uncommitted

Miller found himself all over the field during the showcase, getting reps in the infield, outfield, and behind the plate. Miller looked solid in the infield and outfield, his throwing velos for both reaching 76 mph and 81 mph respectively. Catching is where Miller stood out the most, putting in good work in all aspects. His catching velocity got up to 68 mph and his pop-time best was a 2.12, both of which the top numbers in their categories. Miller hit 84 mph off the tee and then went on to have a decent round of BP that saw the righty placing the ball on both sides of the field. Miller starts his stance off very open and with a bit of a crouch, a quick stride allowing him to get into his legs during the swing. Hitting live, both of Miller’s ABs resulted in hard line drives to the left side. Miller also got some work in on the mound, displaying an arsenal that consisted of a 77-79 mph fastball, a 67 mph curveball, and a 70 mph changeup. Against five hitters, Miller ended with two strikeouts and weak contact from two other hitters, an overall solid performance on the mound.

Travis Hill

SS / Saint Peters, MO / 2026 / Fort Zumwalt East / Uncommitted

Hill was very smooth and fundamentally sound in the field, working through the ball before quickly getting into throwing position and getting rid of the ball at a good speed without sacrificing accuracy or arm strength, his throwing velo topping out at 69 mph. Hill hit 74 mph off the tee and continued on to his BP round that saw numerous line drives to center. His swing is a fluid one and he does a good job of staying through the fall during contact to finish his swing, maximizing his power. There is a lot of movement in Hill’s stance, as his hands, hips, and front foot all have some sort of movement occurring as he settles in, but once the pitch comes in, Hill is ready to go. Despite going up against pitching speeds he rarely sees at his age, Hill looked comfortable in the box during live, even getting himself some solid contact on more than one occasion.

Noah Beck

SS, C, RHP / Montgomery City, MO / Montgomery City / 2026 / Uncommitted

Beck displayed some solid range in the field and the ability to always seem to field the ball in the right spot in his glove, helping him be quick on the transfer from the glove to the throw, his throwing velo hitting 67 mph. At the catcher position, Beck worked well with the glove and on the block, showcasing quick movements in both instances. Beck’s exit velocity off the tee maxed out at 67 mph and his BP round was a solid one, finding the barrel continuously to create some line drives up the middle with a good launch angle. On the mound, Beck presented a trio of pitches that included a 66-68 mph fastball, a 64 mph curveball, and a 66 mph changeup. Despite going up against high school level hitters, Beck displayed confidence in all of his pitches and managed to live around the strike zone against all hitters.