Train like a pro.

When you choose Between The Lines Instruction, you're training with a current professional who is providing the most up-to-date knowledge on the game of baseball. Many of these pros will take their knowledge that they have learned from their prestigious coaches and spread that knowledge with YOU! Learn first hand what it takes to play at the next level and begin training like a pro today!

Be the best athlete you can be! 

Nothing is overlooked by our instructors.

Some of the most important details of mechanics are overlooked simply because the athletic movements are to fast for the human-eye to catch it. This is why video analysis is crucial in all sports. Many bad habits are overlooked within a delivery or swing simply because the instructor does not see it. This is where the term "so much more that meets the eye" comes into play. Having the ability to slow down the frames of ones delivery plays a crucial part in this game. With Between The Lines, your mechanics will no longer be overlooked.



Get an edge over the other players!

Analyzing your mechanics is key

One of the most important aspects of your body and mechanical movements is being able to feel and see the adjustments being made. Its important to understand why a mechanical movement has that affect on your body or the baseball. Baseball is a game of adjustments, having the ability to make both mental and physical adjustments are the keys to success. Instead of just telling you to make an adjustment, we at Between The Lines, show you with repetition and video analysis.

stay consistent with your instructor.

Work with them year round!

One of the most important aspects of baseball is the ability to repeat and stay consistent with the mechanics that work best for the athlete. This is why its important for students to continue to work an instructor who explains and relates information in a way that the student understands. Whether the athlete or pro is at home, out of town for a tournament, in a different state, on their way to practice or to a local game, the athlete will be able to access their instructor.



No longer struggle on the road! 


Traveling for a tournament and have a tough game? Between The Lines will get you right before your next game. No more waiting until the following week to fix your slump. Have a pro analyze you prior to your next game and be ready to compete and help your team win that weekend! Go into every weekend with confidence knowing your instructor is with you on the go!

Its time to raise the bar!


Take your game to the next level. No matter whether your a beginner or an advanced athlete, Between The Lines offers the necessary tools to continue your development within the game and help reach your maximum potential. As an athlete of BTL, you're immediately surrounded by those who continue to raise the bar and take their game to the next level. Register today!






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